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Topmost Features of iOS 13

Recently the new version of the iOS operating system was introduced by Apple that is iOS 13. It was introduced on June 13 2019 in the Worldwide Developers Conference. This version is a big overhaul to the previous version with so many different features. It was introduced after a long 3 months of beta testing.

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5 Reasons to Try the New Garageband App

Garage Band is a series of digital audio workstations for the Mac operating system as well as the iOS devices and its main function is to make music or podcasts. Garage Band has been developed and distributed by Apple for the Mac operating system and is an integral part of iLife software units. The music

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iMessage & Facetime “Waiting for activation” Issue?

If you often see Waiting for activation error or issue, it may be due to any issue with your cell phone company or a bug, which you may resolve easily. When your FaceTime or iMessage fails to activate, you should run a few of the simple and easy steps related to its fix. Preliminary Steps

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10 Most Useful Android Apps 2019

In the recent few years, android applications have gained a huge popularity among phone and PC users. The best thing is that almost every type of Android app is available via Google Play Store. Thus, you may easily get your favorite or useful Android application by following simple and easy steps. Here, we have discussed

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How to Use iMessage on Android Via WeMessage? – 2019 Updated

iMessage on Android: An Android user may not use iMessage app on his/her device because it is a product of Apple and Apple uses its specialized end-to-end encryption system. The encryption system in this case secures the messages send from phone devices via Apple servers to the receiving devices. As the messages are of encrypted

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iMessage App by Apple has Come with Many Upgrades with iOS 13

Apple is recently giving iMessage a huge upgrade with the launch of iOS 13 during its Worldwide Developer Conference. With the latest upgrade, users will get a chance to add their own profile picture to display whenever they message others with the help of iMessage. The image in this case may be anything, whether it

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