5 Reasons to Try the New Garageband App

Garage Band is a series of digital audio workstations for the Mac operating system as well as the iOS devices and its main function is to make music or podcasts. Garage Band has been developed and distributed by Apple for the Mac operating system and is an integral part of iLife software units. The music and the podcast making system allow users to generate several tracks with some of the pre-made MIDI keywords, along with pre-made loops, a series of varied instrumental effects as well as voice recordings.

Now have a look at some of the potential benefits of using Garage band:

It helps in the audio recording: As we know Garage Band is a digital audio workstation as well as music sequencer that can easily make recordings and playback several tracks of the audio. Several inbuilt audio filters utilize the standard of the audio unit thereby facilitating the user to increase the audio track with varied effects that include distortion, reverb, among others. With Garage band users also get an opportunity to make recordings both at 16 bit and 24-bit audio resolution but yes, at a definite sample rate of 44.1 kHz. There is also a tuning system that assists in correcting pitch and can efficiently imitate the Auto-tune effect when it is turned to the maximum level. It has also a big array of previously set effects to select from, also with an option to make your effects.

Implicit software instruments: With Garage Band you will get a very big selection of some realistic, sampled devices and software modeled synthesizers. This can be easily utilized to make original compositions of playing some live music by using USB MIDI keyboard that is connected to the computer. There is also a virtual keyboard present on screen in addition to QWERTY keyboard with some of the interesting feature like musical typing. The synthesizers are divided into two important groups that are analogue and digital. In each synthesizer, there are several parameters for making adjustments that include richness, cut off, decay, release and glide. These help in making several arrays of sound creation.

Guitar type’s tracks: Other than the amazing standard tracks, Garage Band facilitates for some guitar-specific tracks that can create varied simulated amplifiers, efficient processors and some of the stomp-boxes. These are a replica of some of the renowned hardware from renowned companies like Marshall Amplification, fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Above the virtual amplifiers, you can layer about five simulated effects and they have several parameters that can be easily adjusted. Those parameters include reverb, volume the tone etc. Through a built-in input or the USB, interface Guitars can be easily connected to the Macs.

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Easy handling MIDI files: Garage Band can easily import the MIDI files and allows for editing as well as playback. A user can easily make edits in MIDI files but according to the standards set by MIDI. A user can easily make edits on several aspects of the recorded note that includes the itch, velocity as well as duration. Garage Band also provides editing on a global level like sequencer for the drum track that gets separated from the normal role of piano.

One of the newest features that were included in Garage Band is the music lessons. Then this previously recorded music lessons can be easily downloaded from the lesson store as well. There are two types of lessons that are available in the lesson store. One is Basic lessons that can be downloaded freely and the Artist lessons which should be purchased.

So, these are a few important benefits of using Garage Band. Although several alternatives have arisen which is almost similar to Garage band they differ in quality and the features.

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