How to Change iMessage Game Avatar Picture in iOS 13?

Every iphone user knows the way to add avatar easily and share it with your family members, contacts and friends. However, you may easily change iMessage game avatar in iOS 13 device also. Hence, you may easily add as well as share own avatar, including a Memoji.

Ways to Start Adding iMessage Avatars

You are available with two different ways to start adding Avatar to the iMessage account in iOS 13. One remains present in your Message app itself and another one stays in your Settings App available under the Settings followed by Messages.

  • To start, you should open the Messages app and tap on the icon of ellipsis present at the top of your phone’s side bar. Later on, you should tap on Photo and Edit Name, while follow along with your walk through.
  • Your device will prompt you to choose a photo. For this, you get the option of choosing only initials present in a circle. However, you may even view your existing avatar of address book collected from your contacts card and other different options. You may also get a section of adding your name below the photo picker. It may even sometimes come as pre-filled with your name itself.
  • Tap on Continue button to use your new photo at every place as possible. The new picture will also update your contacts card.
  • Later on, you will get a panel that will ask you to share information with the people you want. Here, you have to select any one from Always Ask and Contacts Only options.

Ways to Change iMessage Game Avatars

Apple has recently added an innovative feature to change the iMessage avatars. You have to select your own image in the same way, as you may do in any other type of messaging app. However, the procedure of Apple is nice, as it incorporates your photos, your contacts card and your Memoji. The best thing is that you may select it for sharing with your contact list.

You will get prompts before one of the avatars from your contact switches. However, if you do not like your picture they choose you should visit the card in Contacts and edit the respective image for changing it. Once you replace the image, it will go off.

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Steps to Add Customized Photo Profile related to iMessage Avatar

Now, Let us have a look at the steps to customize the avatar listed as below:

  • To start, you should launch the Settings of your app on your iPad and iPhone device.
  • Tap on Messages
  • Tap on Share Name and your Photo
  • Now, you have to tap on the Camera button to capture your picture. Alternatively, you may tap on All Photos option to select an existing picture from the available photo albums.
  • After you choose a picture, you get an option to move as well as scale it within the circular frame. You should click on Choose after you complete the process.
  • iMessage app may ask you to select a filter for applying to the photo.
  • Tap on ‘Done’ and then tap on empty fields along with your profile photo for entering your first as well as second name.
  • You should make sure to toggle the Photo Switch and Share Name Switch to On Position.
  • Finally, you should select any one from the automatic contact share options, such as Anyone, Always Ask and Contacts Only.

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