Download CamScanner on PC Windows (10/8/7) & Mac – 100% Tested

Technology has upgraded extremely at a faster speed. Everything can be smoothly done with the help of astounding technology in every field. Now when it comes to scan a particular document, it takes a lot of time with the older technique. But now with the help of the easiest steps available to install and download the most used CamScanner app for PC, Mac and Windows, we can scan the documents in PDFs, PNG and JPEG formats.

It is one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play Store with more than 100 million downloads. Also, you can easily download CamScanner on PC and MAC as well with the help of various emulators which are safe and secure. It includes OCR – Optical Character Recognition by which it creates a digital form of the hard-copy present.

CamScanner creates an electronic copy of your documents. For this, a user only has to scan his desired document within the app. There is a built-in camera which helps the user click images of the documents they want to scan. After scanning is done, one can choose the filters, size and format of the scanned images. The camera of CamScanner is an enhanced tool which converts the images into an electronic copy. There are three qualities of file formats that are low quality, medium quality and high quality. You can save the documents in the desired format in the storage of the device.

What are the Features of CamScanner App?

CamScanner is humongous popular among people. They use this app for creating electronic copies of their documents. Students, teachers, and officers use this app in abundance. In this section, we will look at some of the exclusive characteristics that make it the go-to app:

camscanner features

  • It has enhanced editing tools that allow watermarks, hand-written notes to be added. It also has a feature of auto-enhancement and smart cropping.
  • There can be Quick image creation and its digitization.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allows easy detection of texts within documents and photos.
  • Intelligent document edge detection.
  • There is also an offline option for CamScanner for PC or Mac.
  • It can easily Convert the captured images to JPEG or PDF.
  • You can create password-protected documents.
  • It allows easy sharing of the created files on social media and you can easily store it in google drive or Dropbox.
  • Registered users can view and edit documents at any time.
  • Registered users also have access to Quick Search which can find your document easily.
  • CamScanner allows remote printing of documents at a printer close by or fax a scanned document to over 35+ countries.

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What are the Steps to Download CamScanner on PC Windows (10/8/7)?

CamScanner is not only limited to smartphones. With the increase in the technology of cameras used in laptops and Personal computers, it is also becoming an app that is being downloaded rapidly on PCs. To download & install CamScanner on your Windows-based PC you need to follow below steps:

  • CamScanner on PC can be used through Chrome Add-on.
  • The services of Android emulators need to be acquired.
  • The emulator is a third party software that helps us to access Android apps on PC.
  • NoxPlayer is one of the best emulators that can run smoothly on both Windows and Mac.
  • Install NoxPlayer on PC.
  • Once it is installed, open Google folder.
  • Then, Click on the Play Store icon.
  • Search for the CamScanner app in the Play Store.
  • Once you find the app, click on the install button and accept the installation.
  • The icon of CamScanner will appear on the interface of the NoxPlayer.
  • Thus, when its installed, Open it and enjoy scanning photos conveniently on PC.

What are the Steps to Download CamScanner on Mac?

CamScanner can work the best on Mac devices. The reason is that all Apple devices have great lenses. These lenses would allow quality photography of the documents. Therefore, to download & install CamScanner on Mac on iMac, Macbook Pro, or AIR you need to follow below steps:

  • Download any Android emulator which is available for mac operating system such as Genymotion, Bluestacks, etc.
  • Install the emulator of your choice from its file.
  • Launch the emulator in the same way as you launch any other app on your Mac.
  • Now use the built-in search option of the emulator and search CamScanner and go ahead with its installation.
  • Once the installation is completed, you will be able to launch CamScanner for Mac from within the emulator.

What are the Benefits of Using CamScanner App?

CamScanner is an extremely productive application in today’s time. It helps you do so many things very swiftly without consuming much of the time. In this section, we will look at some of the perks of installing CamScanner on the phones and laptops:

Easy conversion into digital form from hard copy: Normally, when you want to convert a document from hard copy to soft copy, you need to connect your system to a scanner. This is a very tedious and down-winding job. Here, CamScanner comes into the picture. With the use of CamScanner, we can convert the hard copy into soft copy with just a click.

Chose the format: You can easily choose the file format whatever you want. It can be .jpg, .png, or .pdf, etc. CamScanner makes your life easy by escaping you from the conversion process.

Files can be easily shared: The files can be shared easily. One can share them via WhatsApp, mail, or ShareIt, etc.

OCR Feature: The OCR feature is of immense help. It helps you to scan exactly the part of document or the picture you want. Suppose you want to share the QR code, you can easily click it with the use of CamScanner and then send it on any platform.

Files Security: Some of the files are private to a great extent. There are also few images that you need to keep it to yourself. You do not want that they come out to public. These are highly confidential. CamScanner guards these kind of files.

Syncing two devices is very easy: There are many benefits if you can sync one device with another. CamScanner facilitates this feature. Due to this feature, you can easily sync your laptop with your phone and allow easy transfer of the files.

Options of customization available on the scanned files: There are lots of filters available which you can apply on the files that you have scanned. You can increase or decrease the brightness of the scanned images. This will enable you to make these images more presentable.

Latest update on CamScanner 2020:

CamScanner is one of the biggest application which is used by millions of people today. But this all was not swift as it seems. In 2018, the researchers of Kaspersky who check each and every app present on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store said that they have found malware in CamScanner.

After the news came in the market, it was soon that CamScanner was removed from the Google Play Store. This was a shock to the developers.

In 2019, CamScanner took to Twitter to tell it’s users about their arrival. The application is now more secure than ever and is again ruling the charts in terms of downloads.

It is being used widely to share documents. Students and teachers are using it extensively to share notes as the basic version is free for use. Soon, the application is expected to be more advanced with new features and more improvisations on the bugs that occur on some devices.

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