Download Hinge Dating App For Windows (10,8,7) – Complete Review

If you are looking for a true relationship, the Hinge dating app should always be your first preference. The app is especially redesigned to meet the requirement of all individuals wiling to setup their long-term relations instead of only casual dating and hookup activities.

The best thing about Hinge dating app is that it allows users to view their suggested matches from the Discover section. Once you like whatever you have seen already, you should click on the heart icon. Later on, you may like any photo or video and simply view a particular profile section.

When you find any other individual replying to your made comment, you may setup a connection and start your conversation. If you are any free user, you may easily like maximum 10 profiles in one day. Alternatively, if you do not have any interest, you have to tap in the X icon and later on, you may pop up the next match automatically.

On the other side, when any other user expresses his/her interest by commenting on your stories, videos or photos, you get the opportunity to match with the respective user in the section of Likes You. In this situation, you have to tap on the blue button and/or reply to their made comments to show your interest. Even you have the facility to access any existing conversation from the Hinge app’s Matches section, while search for daily matches from the Discover section.

Hinge app uses machine learning technique for identifying the users’ tastes based on their behaviors in the app. It essentially creates a specific taste profile and later on, allows the respective algorithm to identify your key interests in other users.

Hence, Hinge dating app pairs you with another user, who is likely interest in your profile i.e. the most compatible user. Based on informative suggestions provided to its users, Hinge succeeded to found its users as eight times more likely to enjoy a data with his/her most compatible mate.

Why Hinge Dating App?


Detailed Profiles

Designers of Hinge dating app know very well about the dating preferences of users. For this, they encourage users to share their education, religion and other essential lifestyle habits. In this way, the app introduces users to the best possible match for them.


Hinge app lets you answering three prompts to activate your user profile. In addition, it allows you refresh your prompts monthly by keeping only the ones, which are likely to get you for a date in the near future.

Most Compatible

Hinge app uses machine language algorithm to help you in getting the Most Compatible user to enjoy a pleasant date.

Limited Numbers of Likes

Hinge dating app allows any free member to send maximum 10 likes in a day. Indeed, when you stay thoughtful about your likings and matches, your probability to create meaningful yet perfect matches increase largely.

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Facility to Like and Comment

The app lets you like and comment on the photo of any other user/users and prompt them to express your interest. When you find every like as unique, you may start any conversation in an easy way.

Efforts to Provide Genuine Results

The app always displays genuine results. For this, it lets you know whether any person is actually interested or not. When you clearly see the person already liked you, you never left yourself wondering or make your dating life a guessing game.

Users Turn

Hinge app tells users about their own turn to give reply. In this way, the friendly nudge assists in focusing a perfect match.

We Met Feature to Collect Feedback

Hinge app always asks about the users’ dates. Thus, by obtaining feedback, it learns the specific type of user and in turn, introduces him/her to the right person.

Steps to Download Hinge Dating App in Windows and Mac OS PC


Installation of Hinge App by Using Blue Stacks App Player

  • Bluestacks is one of the Android app players, which lets you running Android apps on your personal computer. You have to follow the mentioned steps to install any application on your PC by using Blue stacks.
  • You should install and later on, launch Blue stacks on your Windows or Mac OS PC
  • Once the Android app player launches successfully, you have to click on my Apps button present in the Android emulator.
  • Now, you have to install Hinge Dating and Relationship App.
  • You should login to your Gmail/Google account for downloading the app from Google Play Store on Blue Stacks emulator.
  • Once you complete with your login activity, the app installation process starts automatically for the Hinge app.

6 thoughts on “Download Hinge Dating App For Windows (10,8,7) – Complete Review”

  1. I successfully downloaded and installed the hinge dating app on my iPhone 11 and I must say that it is an awesome dating app guys.

  2. Hi, I am using iPhone 11 and I am using hinge dating app since last few months. Can you tell me that how many hinge matches a day??

  3. The information shared in the post is quite interesting and it is up to date. Well while downloading, I came across this post and found it informative. Keep up good work guys!!!!

    1. Yes buddy!! To install hinge app for Macbook, you can install Bluestacks and use the amazing hinge app.


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