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How to Download & Use iMessage for Android? – Proven Result

iMessage is an innovative communication app, which uses data to allow messaging of texts and media files instead of the purchased message plan. The best thing about the app is that it does not limit your communication to Emojis and texts. Instead, the app lets you sending files, videos, pictures, GIFs and other types of contents. Moreover, along with Apple users, now Android users may even get chance to enjoy the features of iMessage. Only, Android users have to download and install suitable apps to use iMessage in their devices without any hassle.

Why We Cannot Use iMessage on Android Directly?

You cannot use iMessage on Android directly because iMessage powered by Apple has a specialized end-to-end type of encryption system to secure the messages sent between devices. As Apple server encrypts the messages, only those devices may directly use the iMessage, which knows the way to decrypt the sent messages.

Using iMessage on Android by the help of WeMessage

Even though iMessage cannot work on any of the Android devices, it works on MacOS and iOS both. Positively, Mac devices have WeMessage program, which helps in routing messages with the help of iMessage network. Accordingly, whatever the texts or media files you send initially reaches to weMessage and later on, go to iMessage to send from MacOS to Android devices by continuing to use the encryption of Apple.

a) Steps to Configure WeMessage on Your Mac Device

1. You have to install the latest version of Java on Mac device for using WeMessage. For this, you should navigate to Applications and later to Utilities. You have to launch the Terminal app, which remains already installed in your device. You only have to type Java and click on the option of Return.

2. Next, you should download the program of WeMessage. Once you get the WeMessage folder, you should double click on run command for launching WeMessage. If you get errors related to unable to run the program, you have to click on the Apple Logo and System Preferences. Later on, you have to opt for Security, Privacy and visit General to click Open Anyway.

3.You have to activate a few of the Accessibility features in your Mac device. For this, you should choose System Preferences and later on to Security and Privacy Screen. Here, you initially need to click on the Privacy tab and later click on to Accessibility.

4. Click lock icon present at bottom left of your device to unlock the settings. If you get prompt, you should enter the password for logging your Mac device.

5. Click on the +icon and navigate from your hard drive towards Applications followed by Utilities.

6. Click on the Terminal and then on Open, which double click on run command for launching a program. This step also launches a specific Terminal window.

7. Finally, you should enter your email address, which you already use in iMessage and enter a suitable password.

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b) Steps to Setup WeMessage to Use iMessage on Android

1. Visit the Google Play Store of your Android device and install as well as launch the WeMessage app on your phone.

2. Tap on Continue and here, visit to pop-up windows to get permission for accessing the texts to tap Allow. You also have to move the slider to turn on from the modify system settings.

3. Visit to System to Preferences to Advanced Network and then to TCP/IP to get the IP address of your Mac device. This lets you to use WeMessage on the Mac device and communicate with the help of iMessage on Android. You get the IP address in the field of IPv4 Address field.

4. In your WeMessage app available at Android device, you should enter the respective IP address in the mentioned field.

5. Simultaneously, you should enter your email address and password of the iMessage.

6. Tap on Sign In and by configuring everything in a right way; you may view the Conversations screen.

7. Here, you may send text messages in a standard way. Get an iPhone to test this feature and if you find your messages in the blue bubble of iMessage, you confirm that your app is working properly.

Therefore, with simple and easy steps, you will expect to use iMessage in your device.

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