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Topmost Features of iOS 13

Recently the new version of the iOS operating system was introduced by Apple that is iOS 13. It was introduced on June 13 2019 in the Worldwide Developers Conference. This version is a big overhaul to the previous version with so many different features. It was introduced after a long 3 months of beta testing. The most interesting thing is iOS 13 is loaded with some of the best features that will even make your old iPhone feel like a new one. Let’s have a look at some of the top features of iOS 13:

Features of iOS 13

Dark Mode: This is one of the best features of the new operating system of iOS. It brings a whole system dark mode that will simply flip the existing script that is white text on the black background. It makes use of a true black theme which means the background of much of the apps is pitch black. This also helps in saving battery life. Either you can go for complete dark mode by tapping n the dark mode button present in the control centre or you can just schedule for dark mode depending on your sunset time.

File downloading in Safari: The users of Mac can download their files by making use of Safari. Whenever there is a download link tap on the link that will easily reveal the new downloads icon on the toolbar. From here you can easily manage, open and have control over the downloads. All the files that are downloaded will go to the iCloud drive.

Tab for new photos: Apple is making it quite reliable to browse through the photo collection by properly arranging with years, months as well as days. When you will open up the photos app in these new versions of iOS, there will be a new photo tab in the toolbar. It is very intelligently selected by apple the songs from your music library. While scrolling through you can easily see the videos and photos, but you must know that those photos which are downloaded or screenshot cannot come in these videos. Moreover, there is also some new editor for photo and video. These editors feature all recently updated features like photos to be in the Instagram interface. Then there are several other things like variance, white balance. Noise reduction, sharpen etc. It allows changing the aspect ratio of the photo, crop and video rotating.

Download: Showbox for PC

Best app for map and reminders: In the new version of iOS both the map apps as well as the reminder app got an overhaul. This is because of the new mapping project the map data has been increased a lot. With progress in mapping project, Apple will try to make some enhancements in large areas all over the world. There are several interesting sections in the Map an as well where you can easily highlight someplace for getting the quick access. Similarly, the reminder app has got the required redesign. You can easily make several grouped list that may contain all task and subtasks with some rich media attachments.

Stickers: iOS will provide a sticker pack for all emoji character. You can easily get the stickers in the memoji sticker app. The memoji a well as the animoji stickers are available in the emoji menu in the keyboard, so that it can be easily accessed in the messaging app.
Battery charging: These features have been added for decreasing the battery ageing. When your iPhone is loaded with iOS 13, it can easily learn your charging pattern and will charge only till 80%. When it estimates that is time to wake up it charges to 100%.

Therefore, these are a few interesting features of iOS 13 that will make your iPhone more interesting and user-friendly.

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