iMessage & Facetime “Waiting for activation” Issue?

If you often see Waiting for activation error or issue, it may be due to any issue with your cell phone company or a bug, which you may resolve easily. When your FaceTime or iMessage fails to activate, you should run a few of the simple and easy steps related to its fix.

Preliminary Steps for iMessage or Facetime Activation

  • You should make sure to have an updated iOS device. For this, you should visit Settings and select General followed by the Software Update.
  • Make sure to get a Wi-Fi connection or a solid cell phone connection, which you may easily check with the help of Wi-Fi available in Settings.
  • Besides, you should check and assure about the correct Date and Time. You may easily toggle to Set Automatically.

Steps to Follow For Waiting For Activation Error

1) Turn Off Your iMessage and FaceTime Apps, while Restart the Device

You should go to Settings and later on to Messages to turn off your iMessage. Later on, in Settings, you should visit FaceTime and turn off your FaceTime. Once you complete these steps, you should reboot your phone and activate the respective options again.

2) Make Sure to Get SMS from Your Cell Phone Plan

If you are trying your iMessage and FaceTime applications on your iPhone device, Apple may help you sending an SMS as an important part of its activation process. However, if you fail to get any SMS message, Apple may fail to authorize your device to activate any of the iMessage and FaceTime applications. In this situation, you have to check with the carrier, so that you should get the required text message.

3) Add Some Credits if You are a Credit User

If your device follows a pre-paid plan, you may not have adequate amount of credit to get a text message. In this situation, you should add some dollars as credit in your account to get the SMS in case of requirement.

4) Reset the Existing Network Settings

If you are experiencing cellular network or Wi-Fi connection issue, Apple may not able to activate the device for the mentioned services. To deal with this problem associated with your device’s connectivity, you should visit Settings followed by General and then on Reset Network Settings. Once you complete with the reset, you should enter the required Wi-Fi password again. However, you have to operate on a clean slate until the networking continues.

5) Wait for about 24 Hours

Apple said that any iPhone device may require maximum 24 hours time to activate FaceTime and iMessage. Thus, if you fail to get any solution from the aforementioned steps, you should wait for one day.

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  1. Since last week, I am facing this activation error for Facetime app. Well now, with the help of the given steps, I could be able to fix this error. Keep it up guys!!

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