How to Use iMessage on Android Via WeMessage? – 2019 Updated

iMessage on Android: An Android user may not use iMessage app on his/her device because it is a product of Apple and Apple uses its specialized end-to-end encryption system. The encryption system in this case secures the messages send from phone devices via Apple servers to the receiving devices.

As the messages are of encrypted ones, iMessage network is usable only among iPhones, iPad and other devices, which know the way to decrypt such messages. However, if you still want to use iMessage on Android phone, you may do so with the help of a special program called WeMessage.

What is WeMessage?

WeMessage allows an Android user to chat with his/her friends by using iMessage feature of Apple. The app thus supports each of the prime features available in any Smartphone device. These are easy customization, group chats, read receipts, attachments, in-built type of video player, notifications, web browser, contact blocking, emoji messages and many more. Besides, WeMessage protects the users’ messages based on AES encryption.

Prerequisites to Use WeMessage

To use WeMessage app, you require the following:

• A particular iMessage account or your already existing Apple ID
• A Mac device running Mac OS 10.10 or any other higher version, as you have to run a program on your Mac device
• Install any higher version of Java (Java 7 preferable) on your Mac device
• Android phone operating on Android OS 5.0 i.e. Android Lollipop or any other higher Android version
• WeMessage application installed on your phone device

Steps to Use iMessage for Android

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1. Download iMessage via SMS for your iMessage App

SMS for iMessage is a specific type of Android application, which routes text messages to different android phones from iMessage client Mac. While doing its setup and after setup, the application guides you in the process of adding SMS for the selected iChat account and to the iMessage client at desktop. Once you complete this step, you may send as well as receive SMS messages from iMessage in your desktop to other Android devices.

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2. Download iMessage via WeMessage App

Step 1Download and Install WeMessage

To download and install WeMessage app, you have to use the respective link and later on, install the MacOS version of the respective app. You may get the file as .zip file. In this situation, you have to unzip the respective file and later on, double click on it to operate the command file.

Step 2Grant the Required Permission

To make sure about the smooth operation of WeMessage application, you should grant the permission of Terminal Accessibility. Reason for this is tat the app operates within the terminal. For this, you should visit Settings and search for Security and Privacy, while click on Privacy tab. Finally, you have to locate the feature of Accessibility and search for the Terminal to check the respective box.

Step 3Set Up Your iMessage Account

Now, you have to set up your iMessage account by using WeMessage. Once you open the terminal, the app requests your iMessage account details. In this situation, your added email id should the same one, as you use in the case of iMessage. After this, you should setup the app by using a secured password.

Step 4Installation of WeMessage App

Once you complete each of the aforementioned steps, you have to download and later on, install the respective WeMessage App on your Android phone via Google Play Store. Once the app opens, it requests you enter an IP address, iMessage email address and WeMessage password. You may choose for private or public IP of your Mac device. To find this, you should open the System Preferences, visit to TCP/IP by double clicking on Network and double click over the advanced option. In this way, you will locate the private IP of your system.

Step 5Synchronize, Login and Start iMessage in Your Android Device

Once you get the IP address, you have to login by using it and other necessary details present in your Android phone to complete the setup process. Later on, give permission to the terminal of Mac device for synchronize your contacts. In this way, you will enable WeMessage and iMessage, while synchronize your contacts.


With simple and easy steps, you will easily start using iMessage application on your preferred Android phone.

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  1. With the help of wemessage, I could be able to successfully download imessage for my android phone. I must say that the steps are explained in detail. Keep it up guys!!

  2. Hey….I am using Android and I have downloaded iMessage successfully but I want to download iMessage on my Windows laptop as well. So can u please help me with that?

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