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What are the Advantages of iMessage Over Whatsapp?

iMessage and Whatsapp both are extremely popular messengers and billions of people all across the world are using these messengers to communicate within their circle. With so many people using both of these messengers it becomes a bit tough to make out which one is better and which one is not. Therefore today, we will be telling you the reasons that why we feel that iMessage is better than Whatsapp.


Availability across platforms:

iMessage is the most installed app on the Apple devices. It is because it comes pre-installed on iPhones, iPods, Apple Watch, Macs and all other Apple devices. Therefore, it has created a very strong network across the complete Apple ecosystem. It means that if you have an Apple account, you can sync these messages very easily on all your Apple devices. This feature is not available on Whatsapp. To use whatsapp, you need to use your phone number, and you cannot use the same number to access Whatsapp on different devices, as if you start accessing Whatsapp on a new device, the Whatsapp on your last device would stop working. Although however, you can use barcode to login onto your PC. But this makes iMessage a much easier and more easily accessible messenger.

Download: iMessage for PC


Whenever we send messages within our circle, the biggest concern that we should have is that are the messages being sent by us sent safely or not? Would anyone else be able to read the messages that we send? So, in this case also iMessage is the best than Whatsapp, it makes sure that the messages that you send are highly encrypted, it means that no one else can access the messages that you send using this app. Although the messages sent using the Whatsapp are also encrypted, but it cannot beat the level of security that Apple offers because we all know that Whatsapp is a product of Facebook and Facebook does not have a clean track record when it comes to the security of the user data.

User Experience:

Although Whatsapp has done a great job in providing a decent user experience to all its users, but it lacks some great features which Apple provides to the users of iMessage. There are two great features on iMessage which are Animoji and Memoji. Animoji helps you to create your own cartoon character and hence the user can create funny videos with their voice over an animated face, and that face would be an avatar of the user only. It is an extremely fun to use feature of this app, and a lot of people love to use this feature. Another amazing feature is Memoji, in this it matches the personality and mood of the user. Sadly, both of these things are nowhere to be seen on Whatsapp. Hence it gives a huge edge to iMessage over Whatsapp.

Therefore, keeping all these points in mind, we strongly believe that Apple’s iMessage is much better than Facebook’s Whatsapp.

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