How iMessage Location Works & Is It Accurate?

The iPhone device is able to provide your present location and it lets you to share your existing location with other users if you allow it. This is because; iPhone comes with few of the in-built ways to inform other people about your present location and helps you to find your lost iPhone device. Positively, you may adopt different ways to use the option of iMessage location sharing, as we have discussed in our blog post.

Sharing Location by Using iMessage App

You may share either your permanent or temporary location with other users. Especially, temporary location sharing is useful in the case of iMessage app.

Why Temporary Sharing is Useful?

Temporary location sharing is useful for multiple reasons. For instance, you may share your location with your mother while traveling the way to visit her. Alternatively, if you are traveling in a group, each member may share his or her location with other people on vacation to prevent anybody from getting lost in the trip.

Sharing Location in Messages

For sharing your location in Messages, you should open the option of conversation with the person you want to share. This may be your existing conversation or a new one. Next, you should tap on I available at top right direction and tap on Share My Location in the resulting screen. You also have to select the period, for which you want to share location in your iMessage resulting popup panel.

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The options may be anything, such as one day, one hour or for lifetime. However, if you opt for a timed option, your countdown will start immediately. Now, you may even share the location with a single person or with a group of people. Your iMessage info panel will display a map with your avatar to highlight your location.

Sending Your Current Location Only

Sending your current location is another way to share your location temporarily. This is useful if you are waiting somewhere for your friends/friends and there are far away and few landmarks between. For instance, if you are waiting for the arrival of a friend in a beach, park or restaurant, you may send your current location to him or her. This is a one-time option and hence, it sends a static map showing your existing location in printed form.

Accuracy of iMessage Location

Depending on your selected device, iMessage Location Service utilizes a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS for determining the location. As iMessage is one of the apps, which uses Maps to determine the current location, it shows the location by using blue marker. On the other side, if the app fails to determine your location precisely, you will find a blue circle across the marker. Here, the circle’s size will determine your existing location precisely i.e. small circle will determine a relatively higher precision.

When the location service becomes active, a white or black arrow icon displays in the status bar. Now, if we talk about inaccuracy of iMessage apps, we should say that iMessage is a type of location-based app, which shows directions and maps to highlight location. Hence, such data services change and may be unavailable in each of the geographical areas, which lead to incomplete or inaccurate directions, maps and location details.

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