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Guide to How to Access iMessage Online for PC and MAC?

imessage online

iMessage online is a messaging app available for iPhone devices. The most awakening feature of this prominent app is that it won’t charge you any service charge. In-spite of that, the app user can simply run the app at the same time while they are using the iMessage app for an iPhone devices.

Features of iMessage Online App

iMessage app has offered tons of astonishing features to iPhone users. These include the following-


An individual may use the iMessage app in almost every type of Apple service. If you are seeking ways to contact with your friends using Android phones or any other non-iPhone devices, you may easily do so by using iMessage online for windows to connect with them.

Handwritten Messages

The app lets us to write simple handwritten messages to send them to other people we want.

Sharing of Media Files and Others

With the help of iMessage online, one can easily share videos, pictures, audios, graphics and real-time location and many things with his/her friends. Other than media files, the app lets you sharing of document files with other phone or PC users.

Sync Messages

Any iMessage online user is available with the benefit to sync his or her messages to the email id. The main benefit associated with this feature is that app users may easily restore important details in case they lost their phones or phone devices get damaged.


By using iMessage, you may use effects to customize the app, along with availing benefits from different effects present in the device by default.

Additional Features of iMessage App

Group Chat

Unlike any standard messaging app for iPhone’s, iMessage app lets you connecting with multiple numbers of phone users simultaneously. Thus, you will get the advantage of group chat by using this app.


You may use iMessage stickers to make your text messages relatively more expressive. In fact, you will get about hundreds of stickers at free of cost from this app. Even if you have to explore other stickers, you may simple download them via play store and sync them automatically with your existing messages or chats.


When you use iMessage app on your PC device, you will get an option to send animations. In this way, you deliver your messages with appealing effects on your backgrounds and chats both.

Various Ways to Access the Latest iMessage Online

iMessage is one of the instant messaging apps designed specifically for Mac OS and iOS users. However, many of us prefer using keyboards to type instead of using mobile keypads. Hence, we are sharing a few of the simple and easy guidelines to help you gaining access to iMessage online on Mac and PC both.

imessage online

How I can Use iMessage on Mac Device?

1. You have to launch messages form your dock, desktop or any of your application folder.
2. You should enter your Apple ID’s email address and respective password. Once your two-factor or two-step authentication turns on for the Apple ID, you have to enter the verification code.
3. Next, you should click on the option of Messages present in the respective Menu bar and opt for Preferences.
4. You should select Accounts tab, opt the phone number and respective email id, at which you want to reach.
5. Select a specific phone number and email address, which other people will want to view while you start with any new conversation.

How to Access iMessage by Using iPadian Emulator?

IPadian is one of the highly recommendable emulators in case of iOS. This is because; iPadian is not only safe for different devices, but also it is accessible easily. To access iMessage, you have to follow the following major steps-

1. You have to use the Windows online browser and search for iPadian emulator for iOS to operate your iOS applications.
2. You should use Internet Download Manager to download the emulator.
3. Once the download of iPadian completes, you have to run the respective installer and select the place to introduce the app on Windows PC. Here, you may go with the Windows default established prompts, which prompts the Program Files organizer.
4. Now, you will step ahead to the alternative work area and tap over it for dispatching the iPadian emulator for using iMessage on your Windows PC.
5. If you are using iPadian for the first time, the respective emulator may ask you to sign in by using your Apple account data.
6. Alternatively, you may log in by using your existing Apple ID and respective password.

How to Access iMessage by Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

Alternatively, you may use the augmentation of Google Chrome Remote Desktop to access the iMessage app. Here, Chrome Remote Desktop is a type of utility, by using which you can easily get the screen of any other PC via remote access. Because of this, the augmentation is preferable to introduce iMessage on any Mac device.

Prerequisites for the Installation Process

You have to make sure of turning on your Mac device and it is accessible via any operating web association.

Steps to Follow for the Installation and Access of iMessage

1. You have to start the procedure by downloading Google Chrome on Mac and PC both from its official website.
2. You have to scan for the augmentation of Chrome Remote Desktop available on its expansion store and introduce the same on both Mac and PC there.
3. Once you introduce the expansion, you should tap over the Dispatch App accessible over the upper right corner of your device.
4. In the same way, on MacBook and iMac, you require an additional program referred as the Host Installer for your Chrome Remote Desktop.
5. You have to follow a few of the onscreen directions to introduce any application on the MacBook or iMac. Moreover, you have to enter the secret key of Mac PC amid of the establishment.
6. Now, you should dispatch the remote desktop on your MacBook or iMac. On doing this, you receive a 12-digit code on your Mac device.You have to enter the same on your Windows PC.
7. In the last step, you have to create a beeline for the respective application cabinet to access iMessage and start with its utilization.

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