Latest Update: Apple iPhone 12, 12 pro and SE 2 Rendering Information Leaked

The most recent ground breaking information of Ming-Chi Kuo and JP Morgan created several renderings on Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 pro and Apple iPhone SE2. Although several renderings have been made, it’s accuracy is not 100%.Many of the rumors have not been ruled out, and the complete information is yet to be released.

Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is not going to enhance the price much in its upcoming phones as compared to this year phone line up. Though nothing is said about what going to be the exact price, it is predicted that the price won’t increase more than $50.

Instead of hiking prices, Apple is planning to make up the price of new phones by lessening the supply chain costs. This also means the upfront non-occurring engineering payments to the suppliers of the redesigning metal chassis will be decreased.

Now let’s discuss renderings of each of them.

Apple iPhone SE has made use of the previous design of the Apple phone which has a traditional screen with a hone button below. The phones configuration consists of a 4.7 inch LCD screen, rear single camera and the A13 processor.

As per the recent information it is expected that this phone will be released in the spring of 2020 and the cost will be around USD 399. This new line up phone will create much confusion for buyers. The arrival of this iPhone SE2 which is an 8-styled phone having the A13 chipset. Its design is almost similar to iPhone 8.

Coming to iPhone 12, it is going to debut a new design overhaul along with 5G connectivity. it will come in two versions the one with 5.4 inches and the other with 6.1 ich and OLED screens. It will come with an A14 processor and two rear cameras. This magnificent phone will support 5G. It is expected that it will get released during September 2020 and the price will range in between $699 and $799.This phone is not likely to see any price hike.

It is because Apple will leverage the effectiveness in its supply chain and will shift more towards research and development. If this prediction is ok, then it’s going to be one of the big wins for all Apple lovers. It will create a major difference when compared to its Android counterpart. This new breaking information is just blowing everybody expectations out from the water. It is expected that it will cost not much than iPhone 11.

Moreover, iPhone 12 will come with more advanced feature like more battery life and the credit goes to enhanced circuitry design. The battery is expected to be smaller as well as thinner. The most exciting feature is iPhone 12 is going to be the Apple first’s a smartphone that will get shipped with AirPods in the box. But it is not sure whether it will be shipped with all models or only a few models like the iPhone 12 pro.

As per the information, Apple has purchased Spectral Edge which is a UK based imaging company. This company make use of infrared and machine learning to enhance the overall detailing as well as while balancing photos. This is a confirmation that it will give a big boost to iPhone photography. Almost all phones will have several components when compared to its 4G counterparts and almost all models will obtain the fastest wireless charging speeds.

Hen coming to iPhone 12 pro, Apple will enhance the size of the phone from 6.5 inches to 6.7 inches and the credit goes to the even slimmer bezel. Apple is considering to restore its plus brand. In addition to that some other upgradations are:

  • Updated design
  • 120Hz promotion displays
  • No lightning port
  • Touch ID
  • 3D camera tricks

Seeing all these features Apple fans must be quite excited by its 2020 phone line up.

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