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Snapseed is an efficient photo editing app, which is available free to install and use. The app belongs to the part of arsenal i.e. a photo technology powered by Google. Google recently acquired Snapseed app from NIK software, while pioneered it and empowered by using varieties of editing abilities, photo filters and plug-in products. Even Google is consistently adding varieties of innovative tools and HDR i.e. high dynamic range filters in the Snapseed app to enhance the versatility of the app in editing photos.

Today, Snapseed has become a highly recommendable application for professional photographers and at the same time, an excellent alternative to the old Instagram. Snapseed APK has almost everything, whether it is any basic tool required for amateurs or advanced features suitable for photo editors and pro photographers. If this is not enough, you will expect to get sleek and easy-to-use interface for everyone combined with powerful controls placed in a convenient way.

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Features of Snapseed for PC

Snapseed for PC comes with tons of amazing features, about which we have discussed in our blog post.

• Auto Filter Feature

Auto filter feature enhances any photograph optimally and automatically even with one click of your mouse button. Even you may use this feature for auto-correcting the brightness, colors, contrast, exposure, sharpness and tons of other essential parameters.

• Color Correction Feature

Snapseed for PC provides the feature of color correction, according to which you may adjust the color tones depending on the photo you require for your clients.

• Contrast Correction Feature

Contrast correction feature helps you in retaining the shadow details and highlights, while letting you decrease or increase the contrast manually.

• Straighten Feature to Adjust the Photo’s Horizon

It is not possible for us to capture photographs by using a straight horizon. Positively, we have Snapseed’s straighten feature to adjust any tilted horizon and bring the photo back to its appropriate position.

• Image Tuning Feature

According to the image tuning feature, any Snapseed for PC user may enhance the tones i.e. distribution of lights across any captured photograph. Besides this, it provides a few additional parameters to modify the captured photo. These include ambiance, brightness, saturation and white balance and so on.

• Cropping Feature

As similar to any other photo editing software, Snapseed for PC features a powerful cropping tool. The tool thus lets you eliminating almost every type of distraction and makes sure that your intended subject remains in the appropriate focus area. Besides this, the cropping tool comes with large numbers of in-build aspect ratios, like 16:9, 5:4, 4:3 and 3:2, while provides you a free cropping feature for allowing the selection of intended areas only on any specific photograph.

Download Snapseed for PC/Windows 10/8/7 Using Bluestacks

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You have to follow simple and easy steps to download Snapseed for your PC by using BlueStacks Android emulator. BlueStacks Android emulator allows any laptop or desktop computer to operate wide range of Android applications. It resides on Mac or Windows Operating System as any virtual Android device, while acts as an effective platform for the installation of Android applications. Let us have a look at the steps to download below:

1. You should download Bluestacks on your computer device from the respective website. Once you complete with your download, you should install it on your device. In addition, you should allow the permissions asked to play an emulator in an effective way.

2. Once you complete with the installation and receive permissions, you should open the emulator from the respective search icon or desktop.

3. Now, you should look for Snapseed via Google play store or any other web browser.

4. You have to download the Snapseed app and install it right within the BlueStacks emulator.

5. After you install the app, you have to click on the symbol of Snapseed present in your device’s main menu for launching the app on your computer.

6. The downloaded and installed Snapseed app will ask you a few of the basic details, including the credentials of your Google account to start your Snapseed account.

7. Finally, after you complete with each of the essential basic setup procedures, you may step ahead with your photos for recreating them in almost every possible manner.

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