10 Most Useful Android Apps 2019

In the recent few years, android applications have gained a huge popularity among phone and PC users. The best thing is that almost every type of Android app is available via Google Play Store. Thus, you may easily get your favorite or useful Android application by following simple and easy steps. Here, we have discussed a few of the useful Android apps in 2019.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Unlike a local file manager, solid explorer file manager comes with many additional features, which include password protection and compressed files. Besides, it is an excellent cloud storage manager and gives support to OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Google Search or Google Assistant

Google Assistant or Google Search lets you ask whatever you require. The app supports different commands, like for instance to control lights, to answer your asked questions and to do simple arithmetic problems. Even when you use Google Assistant with other Google products or Home and Chromecast, you will expect to get additional functionality from it.

Waze and Google Maps

Google Maps have large numbers of navigation app scenes to act as the best ever Android app. The app gives access to your interested places, traffic directions, traffic data and other things, like gas stations and rest stops. Besides, with the latest update, Google Maps are also available as offline maps (although temporarily). Now, if you add the Waze experience to your existing Google Maps app, you will enjoy tons of innovative features that too without requiring any other navigation app.

Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden Password Manager is a decent and freely available password manager application on Android. The password manager gives you vault with your username and passwords. Depending on your own choice, you may store different username and passwords without bothering about anything. Later on, the password manager provides easy retrieval of the stored data as per your requirement. Moreover, the app has AES encryption of 256 bits to act as a complete open source.

GboardKeyboard App

Gboard is the official keyboard application of Google. As the name highlight, the mentioned Android app shows a simple keyboard with limited numbers of frills. Also, the app has light theming, swiping i.e. gesture typing, emoji search, voice typing, GIF support and many more. Built-in google search is the unique feature of the app and it lets users to perform online search without leaving the keyboard app. Even Google keyboard app synchronizes among devices. With simple operation and effective features, Gboard has proved to be the best Android application for this 2019.

SwiftKey Keyboard App

If you want to get a swipe keyboard app on your Android app, you should try Swiftkey keyboard app. The app recognizes your specific writing style to help you writing faster. In addition, the app allows you using the customized keyboard for typing and sending emojis and GIFs.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a small but exciting financial app. It helps you checking the credit score once in one year. Other than this, the app notifies you whenever there are big changes in your existing credit score. If this is not enough, you may use Credit Karma application to get potential credit cards, provided your credit score qualifies to do so.

Pulse Messages and Android Messages

Pulse SMS/Messages feature GIF support, themes, a blacklist of various spammers, password protected communications, dual-SIM support and many more. On the other side, Android Messages is a simple and basic application. Both of these applications provide the facility of SMS messages from the desktop. If we talk about the charges, Android Message app is available at free of cost, while Pulse app charges a single charge of $10.99 or a monthly subscription. Another difference between the two is that Android Messages are able to live stream the messages, while Pulse SMS uses online server structure.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an elegant and powerful launcher, which helps you customizing various aspects of your icons, folders and home screen. The app has especially gained its popularity based on its excellent graphic quality. In addition, when you slide your finger for switching desktops, it highlights an elaborated transition in three different dimensions.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is a simple and handy application, which allows you analyzing the Wi-Fi networks directly by using your Android phone. Especially, the app is useful to measure signal strengths and identifies any crowded channel.

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