Download iMessage for PC Windows – Complete Guide 2020

imessage for windows

iMessage for PC: iMessage is one of the most renowned messaging apps that is used by users of iOS. Also, it is available for Window users as well because of which the Window users can also download iMessage app for PC Windows easily. It helps the users to send message directly to any iOS user, no matter whether they are on the phone or computer. There is no requirement of any carrier services. By using the data services and little amount of data the data is sent. The user on the other side should also have the app to receive the message. But the major problem was it is difficult to use on other devices because of the incompatibility of Apple. But never worry this issue has been solved. A computerized version of the app has been made that allows iMessage download on PC.

iMessage for PC functions as an inbuilt messaging app in the Apple In-corporations products. With all recent advances as well as updates, it has proved to be one of those necessary apps that everyone needs, no matter whether it is an android user or a Windows user. It offers overall connectivity as well as accessibility to messages, whether you are at home or workplace. With the increasing popularity of Apple product, most of the working population have access to MAC but then also there are not less number of Windows users.

What Is iMessage App?

iMessage for Windows PC is an updated version of iMessage app that was previously available for download on Apple devices only. This version is highly compatible with all known Apple devices. Although they are not available on windows store it is available on the internet. iMessage for PC app works great like other apps.

Why iMessage for Windows PC?

Apple has integrated terrific creed in iMessage for which it is worth downloading. It makes the whole messaging very interesting by offering some of the easy chatting tools and utilities. It also provides overall connectivity which means you can access message on iPhone, Mac etc. Wondering why you should opt for iMessage download for PC? Well then have a look at some of its top features that will certainly persuade you to download.

imessage features

1) Link peep: Like other messaging apps iMessage for PC app, will show you n preview image when you paste a link to an important article. If you are sending any video link, then he can see the video inside the app itself.

2) Drawing feature: Apple iMessage for PC has integrated a drawing feature on the iMessage keyboard. All you have to do is drag your finger on the whiteboard either to draw or handwriting.

3) iMessage Games: Many flash games in the iMessage app are freeware and is streamed online. You can play for a couple of hours by playing the game in iMessage for PC.

4) Animation: This is an important feature that allows sending animations to other persons. You can send a message with several effects that decide how your message appears.

5) Stickers: iMessage app offers you with variety of stickers that help in making the conversation very easy and enjoying.

This feature motivates people to download iMessage for PC.

How to Download iMessage Application on a Windows PC using iPadian?

Method 1: iPadian

One of the finest methods to use iMessage on PC is through Emulators. Emulator gives the permission to the user at the other end to use the app. There are different kinds of emulator but the one which is in much demand is iPadian. For using it you should have a3GB RAM. Then have a look on the following steps:

imessage - ipadian

Step 1: Download the iPadian, a free emulator, on your PC. Simply click on “Download now” option.
Step 2: After that, click “skip” if any pop up arises. Then at last, you will see that iPadian.exe file will get downloaded on your computer.
Step 3: Now just look for the iMessage application in the emulator search field.
Step 4: Finally, download the iMessage app to your computer. Once the installation process is complete, you can now start enjoying this free application on your PC anytime.

How to Download iMessage on PC using Jailbreak?

Method 2: Jailbreak

This is another popular method for using iMessage on Windows. It is true that it is bit tricky but it will work for sure. iPhone jail breaking means you need to install a listing of applications that can be easily installed on Apple device. Cydia is one of the best apps for jail breaking. Before you install this app on your phone, it is vital to know that this app may bring some alterations in your device functionalities. So, if anything goes wrong Apple will not fix it. So, after knowing the risk, if you are still interested in jail breaking, then have a look on the process below:

imessage - jailbreak

Step 1: Download the latest iOS “Cydia application” on your device officially and install it.
Step 2: Open the Cydia app, and look for the “remote messages” in the app.
Step 3: Next step is to download the “remote messaging application” and install it on your PC.
Step 4: Open the application and go to the “settings” option.
Step 5: Look for the activation button and press it.
Step 6: Now, create a remote connection by entering your username and password.
Step 7: Open a web browser, and copy the IP address.
Step 8: Finally, enter the username and password to complete the process. Therefore, you can successfully install the iMessage application this way.

How to Download iMessage app on PC using Mac via Google Chrome?

Method 3: Google Chrome

There is no doubt now that you can use iMessage for Windows PC with the help of Google Chrome. Virtually, all PC have the Google Chrome web browser installed on them. Chrome Remote Desktop is also part of the modified accessibility. It allows you to access your data remotely from any device.

To start this process, you need a Mac and a Windows device to use iMessage for Windows PC.

imessage - chrome

Step 1: At first, download the Google Chrome Remote Desktop from its downloading link mentioned here:
Step 2: You just need to wait for few seconds until it gets installed on both computers of Mac and Windows.
Step 3: Now, you will see a button of “Launch app” on the top right of your screen.
Step 4: The very next step is to download the “Chrome Remote Desktop host Installer” separately, on Mac only.
Step 5: Then, install the “Chrome Remote Desktop host Installer” after downloading it.
Step 6: When you will open the Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac computer, just do write the 12-digit code which appears on the screen at that time.
Step 7: Now just open your Windows PC and enter that 12 digit code and now you are done with the process.
Step 8: Finally, use Chrome Remote Desktop to access iMessage PC from your app drawer. Using Chrome Remote Desktop is the easiest way to get iMessages for PC. Just connect the devices with the security code and access iMessage for Windows PC.


Does iMessage needs a big amount of PC resources?

No but in some cases it will need some of the base determinations so that it can run perfectly either on the available program or the emulator.

Does iMessage support windows 7?

Yes, iMessage for windows supports windows 7.It is because chrome support every windows version and emulators also supports windows 7 ultimate.

Do iMessage show problems like hanging?

Usually no, but the PC that run slow may show some lagging experience. This may be because of the slowly running resources or the minimal RAM.

When run on laptop does it guzzle large amount of battery power?

No as it is perfectly optimized for offering best performance in maximum laptops as well as PCs.

In Conclusion

iMessage for Window PC offers advanced functionalities with exciting accessibility. However, the fact still remains that only the iOS users can use it officially. Our hope is that very soon, Apple will release a version that will be accessible for all device types and operating system versions.

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