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What if Apple Supports & Integrate RCS in iOS? – iMessage Feature

Apple in favor of RCS, iMessage feature? Millions of people rely on messages and emails to communicate. Email has become a standardized format for business professionals. People rely on SMS for any sort of communications and hence it has created the demand one side. Business owners also rely on SMS to communicate with their customers as well. Overall – SMS has become a vital service to the entire population.

Through SMS, you can only send messages and receive plain texts. It gives a very basic experience to the users. It is a tiny step for interactive user experiences via messaging.

RCSRich communications service is a new standard reference. Touted is an upgraded version of SMS, where RCS is organized by Google and Microsoft. Apart from these two, Apple might also be involved in this capacity.

In the month of October, a GSMA event occurred and they were representing a network of mobile operators. The supposed slide from the conference on that date from apple had a content called “Engaged in discussions with GSMA” and there was also a controversy about the RCS inclusion in iOS.

The main reason why this became a problem was to initiate hassle-free messaging services using data. Why this problem rose and how it was solved will be discussed.

3 Evident Reasons

Though this was evident, the other details and offers were not revealed by the Apple and it remained as a secret for some time. After a thorough research, they evidently revealed 3 things in that slide

  • The message facility from apple customers to the non-apple customers must be made easy
  • Post-SMS and Post-2G future must be prepared
  • By the deployment of RCS, the needs of the operators can be met who are working in the highly authorized Apple markets

Though the above-mentioned things are evident, few things are always unclear from the Apple’s end. Being a master in the industry, the organization tries to keep their secrets closed and unrevealed for several reasons.

The discussions happening with GSMA will not be disclosed and the slide suggests the same – “Apple has a pressure to deploy RCS from the mobile operators’ end”. The goal of the Apple and mobile operators is to bring a peaceful messaging services among the users. By deploying RCS, it will get the required support like read receipts and typing indicators during the messaging. Image transfers involve high-resolution based images with superior quality and group messaging are also a part of RCS.

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Data-Messaging Services

Apart from the iMessage feature that is already existing, the above-mentioned features will also add up to the data messaging services. By integrating RCS to Apple will mean that those features will also become infamous green bubble conversations.

Apple engaged in a discussion with GSMA about the inclusion of RCS in iOS as the operators are pressurizing the Apple to include and launch RCS.

Imagine if you can transfer unlimited number of files of huge sizes? How great that sounds? SMS and MMS facilities will be initiated via data-messaging services. Why RCS is a good option? SMS is allowing only plain text to send, but RCS allows images and few other features for transfers.

Apple is working along with few mobile service companies and brands to initiate RCS as a business messaging which will act like an email services via mobiles.

What we get? – Rich User Experience for Data Messaging

When RCS is deployed in iPhones, then we will be gifted with an interactive user experience. RCS will upgrade today’s business messaging services to the next level. It helps enable brands to send interactive and useful messages.

Application of this Process

When RCS is deployed, what kinds of user will be using the services. There are possibilities that the airline industry can make the most use of it. The reminders for flight, boarding pass, terminal maps and visual updates on the flights will be put on the messaging experiences. It is easy for the airlines industry to check on everything at a stretch.

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