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Download Apple GarageBand on MAC for Free – Complete Guide

GarageBand is Apple free digital audio workstation. It means it allows you to make, personalize and mix of your music like that of a music composer. It is readily available for you to download in the application store of Apple for all users of iOS and Mac devices. It is available for download for free. It has varied advanced features like virtual studio technology, in-app recording, artist lessons, MIDI editing and many other things. All these features are packed in an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This app is used for composing music posses all the instruments and the sounds that assist in making good music. If you don’t have it on your computer, then you can download in Mac for free.

How to Download GarageBand For Mac?

But before you start downloading you must know that navigation depends on the MAC OS and also based on the GarageBand version, you may need some extra 4GB RAM. For Downloading GarageBand have a look on following instructions:

  • At first look for the “Dock” situated in the bottom part of the screen.
  • Find the app store icon.
  • Open the Mac App Store by clicking two times.
  • Now use the search option to get the GarageBand.
  • When you find it click on the button located inside of it.
  • Based on the operating system, it may be written either Get or Buy on the button.
  • When you click on the button, the prompt may change to “Install App“. Click on it.
  • Give ID and Password of your Apple account. Click sign in.
  • Wait for the installation to get over.
  • When app installation is over, you will get it on MAC launch pad.
  • Now GarageBand is ready for use.

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How to Download GarageBand Sounds, Lessons etc.?

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Now you must be thinking once the installation is done how to download sounds, lessons etc.
Well! When you are done with the download of GarageBand, it usually comes with a basic starter pack that has 50 sounds, 1 drummer, 2 basic lessons and 500 loops. This is enough if you are beginning experimenting but if you require additional options, then you can increase the library by paying one time. To download:

  • First, open up GarageBand and select “Sound Library
  • Select download “All available sounds
  • Then click on “Get
  • For downloading GarageBand lessons for practising
  • Go to GarageBand and choose File
  • Then click “new”.
  • Find project chooser”
  • Choose “lesson store
  • Select from the available options.
  • At Last, click on download.

Once downloading is done, the open lesson you want for practicing by clicking two times on it.
In this way, you can download GarageBand and its various features for MAC. But you must know that when you are downloading you are doing it for only one device. So, even if you have it in your iPad or iPhone, you have to do it again on your Mac. Apart from all this some important things you must know about GarageBand. Have a look at them:

  • GarageBand is not installed in Mac but it is resent in all Mac Books. A Mac user with Apple Id can easily download it from the App store.
  • If you want to remove it from your Mac then open up finder and choose the application by finding GarageBand and bring it to the Trash icon that is present in the bottom part. Or else you can right click and choose a move to trash. Now empty the trash folder.

All these information are very crucial for all people who want to use GarageBand in their Mac.

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