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Fix this Error “iMessage not working iOS 13 or iPadOS”

iMessage can be easily sent in between various Apple devices by making use of wireless data. There are also some correct data and information among the important requisites for using iMessage. The correct date and time are among the requisites for most of the real-time services to work. Yes! IOS 13 indeed has so many new features that will certainly make your iMessaging experience better. But sometimes things may not go good soon after installing. This can put you in a dilemma rather than leisure. Sometime after installation, an error message may come showing “iMessage not working in iOS 13 or iPadOS” You must be wondering what to do if suddenly your iMessage is not working soon after upgrading the iOS 13.

If you have met all the requisites in your phone but still cannot use iMessage, then it’s time to remove all culprits. There are so many solutions for easy troubleshooting the problem. Have a look at them:

Restart Your iPhone

Turn off your iMessage and thereafter restart your phone, some of the small issues usually are solved by turning your phone off and then turning it back again. Same things also happen with your iMessage. If previously your app was working well and suddenly stops after upgrading to iOS 13 then there may be a small glitch. Simply turning the phone off and restarting it again can solve the problem.

Sign In & Out of iPhone

Sign out of the iMessage app and then turn it back again: When the first method fails, then it may be some account-based errors. In that case, simply signing out of the app and signing in again can solve the problem.

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Eliminate Old Messages

Try to eliminate all old messages that are not required from your phone: Sometimes some of the old messages can interfere with the functioning of your iMessage app. At this time you are required to delete all old messages. Moreover, deleting a message is also required when your phone is running out of storage.

Reset Network Based Settings

Try to reset the network settings to fix iMessage that is not working in iOS 13. Sometimes some network-based problem also is the root cause of the problem as your device might have succumbed to any network error after iOS 13 up-gradation, thereby affecting network features like iMessage. To fix it try to reset your network settings and remove all invalid errors and then restore the network values. This configures your network settings as well as all features completely new. This will never attack your saved data present in your internal memory. There is no requirement of keeping a back up of your files. When resetting is done your device restarts and then you can check whether your apps are working or not.

Factory Reset

If no previous methods work then going for factory reset is an option. Because of the recent iOS up-gradation some errors from the previous iOS that might have ruined the iMessage app. In this case, going to factory settings can help. But ensure that you have kept back up of all your files so that you can recover after resetting. You can keep a back u of all your files in iCloud.

After all these methods if still you are facing the problem and getting the error message then it may be attributed to your service provider. To be sure that your account is having provision for using iMessage you can contact your carrier. Or on the other hand, you can sort out the problem to the Apple support team. Might be it is an iOS bug that needs a fix patch. So, rule out the error message by following all these important solutions

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