Fond of iMessage Games 2019? – Here We Go!!

Apple has recently included a new dimension to its existing text messaging app while it introduced iMessage games for every device operate on iOS 10. Hence, game lovers are now available with varieties of interesting games to play in iMessage, few of which have proved to be the best games for this 2019.


imessage game

GamePigeon is the most preferable iMessage game of this 2019. Especially, the game is a two-player game and it features 26different multi-player games on iMessage. The game has everything you like, whether it is checkers, cup pong, Crazy 8, shuffleboard and many more. Besides this, you will find many in-app purchases to unlock various other styles related to paintballs and pool cues and similar others.

Cobi Hoops

imessage games cobi hoops

Cobi Hoops is perfect for all love to play shooting games. In this iMessage Game, you have to compete with other players to make the maximum numbers of baskets in each round of 30-second. To proceed in the game, you have to take benefits of trick shots to increase your score and simultaneously to unlock the next challenging mode.

Cobi Arrows

imessage games cobi arrows

Are you passionate to play arcade games? If yes, you should never forget to check Cobi Arrows. In this game, any player gets only 30seconds for firing arrows at a specific target. The game features excellent mechanics but as a player, you have to be expert to deal with a learning curve to aim at different targets.

Download – iMessage for Windows

Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe imessage games

There is hardly any individual, who does not know or played tic tack toe in childhood. Hence, what would be better than playing the same exciting game in your favorite iPhone or iPad device as an iMessage game? However, the additional features in Tic Tac Toe iMessage game is that you will not only play with conventional Xs and Os, but also play with varieties of hilarious combinations. These are Cats and Dogs pack, Clinton and Trump pack, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber and lots more. Only you have to unlock your preferable characters by the help of an in-app purchase.

Four in the Row

imessage games four in a row

Four in a row, as the name highlights, players get the task to line-up four different things in a single row. Even a few game developers also call it Connect Four, where players initially select a color and later on, take turns by dropping a single colored disc into seven different columns and six-row patterned vertically suspended grid.

8 Ball Pool

imessage game 8 ball pool

Looking for a fun and exciting game to play with your friend, just go with two-player 8-Ball Pool game available in iMessage. Before you should start a real match, you should use your regular iPad and iPhone app to practice a few rounds. Another interesting feature of the game is that it lets you participate in 8-player tournament in the case you become bored by playing one-to-one battle for a long time. During your gameplay, you will get the opportunity to win coins for buying unique pool cues at the respective in-game shop.


pictoword imessage game

Pictoword game is a fun take game on Pictionary. According to the iMessage version of Pictoword, you will view a particular word, such as corkscrew. Later on, you have to draw pictures related to the word to help co-players to guess the respective word correctly. Besides this, depending on your own preference, you may enjoy additional features of Pictoword Game, including a few of the exciting yet challenging brain training gaming features.


wordie imessage game

Wordie is a type of word-trivia game, where players have to identify a mystery word based on given four pictures and a mishmash of letters. An interesting aspect of the game is that it comes with approximately 600 in-built challenges. Besides this, Wordie game allows you create personalized puzzles. Accordingly, you may add maximum 4 images in your existing puzzle and its answer, while send the same puzzle to any of your friend to identify whether he or she may resolve it or not.

Truth Truth Lie

imessage game truth lie

Truth Truth Lie i.e. Two Truths and Lie is a game played by iMessage users in groups to know one another in a better way. Accordingly, each of the players makes three different statements about them and every other individual has to guess the false statement. Moreover, if you do not like typing texts, you may use the classic icebreaker feature of the game to record your own video and continue playing the game with others.

Simple Trivia

simple trivia

If you like to play knowledge-based games on iMessage, you should never miss downloading Simple Trivia. The game mainly tests your knowledge under five different categories, which include history, geography, sports, science and entertainment. Depending on your area of interest, you may choose a particular category to answer multiple-choice questions. Alternatively, you may select everything to get questions from each of the mentioned categories. Regardless the section you choose, the game intends to see how much you are well-informed. Furthermore, you will get only ten seconds time to answer the questions, hence, you cannot take help from Alexa or Siri.

Boggle with Friends

boggle with freinds

Boggle with Friends is one of the board games, where players get only 2-minute time to spell different words from a huge collection containing random letters. If you have already played Scrabble, you may easily understand that the game is a fast-paced version of it.

Mr. Putt

mr putt

Mr. Putt is one of the popular mini-golf gaming apps to play on your iMessage. Fluid controls and sleek graphics are the prime features of Mr. Putt, which makes the gameplay interesting.

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