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Photos in iMessage Disappeared After iOS 13 Update? Complete Solution

For all those iOS users who are wondering where their photos disappeared after updating their software to iOS 13, kindly wake up. Initially, you might have not identified the main logic behind this loss. By the time we have all got to know that the root cause behind this is the installation of iOS 13, our photos have skipped from our galleries. However, the very first question that came across our minds is whether we can restore our pictures back or not.

The first thing that comes to your mind after such a glitch shows up is to surf all over the internet and find the possible solutions to pull back your memories that have been lost. In the very first stage, no one has an answer or a solution to this surprisingly unwanted gift from Apple.

What are the Reasons of Photos Disappeared in iMessage?

It is not a lesser-known fact that every iOS update shows up with some of the other complaints.
This common problem comes with the iCloud syncing issues that have been prevailing in the iOS glitch family since a really long time.

Let us see the mainspring behind this disappointing glitch:

  • Updating the iPhone with the latest iOS 13, 12 etc.
  • When the internal storage is full.
  • Another reason could be hidden settings of photos.
  • Turning of the Photo Stream at the time of Camera Roll.
  • Restoring of photos (previous backup) from iTunes.

What are the Solutions to Retrieve iMessage Photos after iOS 13?

Now let’s not think about what’s lost and let’s try and focus on how to restore the loss. Here are some of the most uplifting solutions as to how the gone photos can be restored. Also, note that the below steps are pretty simple yet sensitive. So if one doesn’t work, push yourself and go for the next step.

Restarting your iPhone

Well, restarting is something iOS owner do once in a day for every minute problem that arises on daily basis. However, this simplest solution itself has made an impact towards restoring the lost photos back during the iOS 12 or 13 updates. There’s a superstitious belief in this technical world that any problem that occurs on a device internally can be overcome just by restarting it.

imessage photos

However, this might not work for a few unlucky owners. If you are one of those people, join hands with us and let’s dive deep into the next few steps.

Reset your photo library for iCloud

An iCloud sync can happen over various devices using the iCloud library. So technically, you can try updating this option by turning it off initially and waiting for a while to turn it back on.

iphoto library

This troubleshooting step is drop edged but gives an achievable outcome at the end.

Download: iMessage for PC

Manage your iCloud storage

iCloud is meant to store your pictures. So you. An always check for space in your iCloud. Instead of just blaming it on the update, just go ahead and confirm that this might have happened due to lack of storage space.

Well, if the result shows that you have enough space left in your iCloud, it’s time to move on.

Try resetting your ID for Apple

Once after creating an apple ID and installing all the needed apps, we usually do not care about it anymore. However, changing your apple ID and credentials will help you when such security related issues persist. If this also doesn’t work, we understand that it might be little frustrating but there are a few more steps.

Apple ID Create

Search in your recently deleted photos

Whenever a photo is deleted from our gallery, the first thing that pops up in our minds is to check our recently deleted folder. If you have got carried away by the internet throwing allegations on the iOS update, you must make sure that your not a part of it unless you check your recently deleted folder.

imessage deleted photos

Even if your recently deleted folder has no idea about your deleted pictures, follow me.

Backup your iCloud

If all the above steps do not fall under your control, please be assured that this final step is going to take you to the ultimate solution. Here, you could try backing up your iCloud. We are pretty sure that this step will work out because iCloud is the main root cause and so we’re going to find our solution also there itself.

icloud backup

For this, you need to entirely reset your device anymore. IOS has a solution to this. There’s an option called data recovery, using which you can backup your iCloud without resetting. This will be the perfect answer to restore your pictures that are gone.

It all ends where it begins

By now you might have understood that this isn’t that big a deal. However, there are still a few cases in which none of the above troubleshooting steps worked. For such iOS owners, you can easily restore your pictures using an application. This application is more link a trustworthy tool commonly known as Dr.fone – Recover (iOS).

dr. fone

So here’s the latest glitch faced by the Apple users and there are the solutions to overcome it.

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